Use Outlook to Test AutoConfigure (aka Autodiscover)

Sometimes Outlook has trouble determining the settings for you mailbox correctly. The steps in this article will provide support information to assist in troubleshooting your issue.

  1. Open Outlook
    NOTE: If you do not have any accounts configured in Outlook it may not open. If you do not have the ability to open Outlook you cannot complete this test.
  2. In the system tray (near the clock), hold down the Ctrl key and right-click the Outlook icon. Select Test AutoConfigure…
  3. Enter your email address (username) and password
  4. Click Test
  5. The test will run for a minute or two. Once finished the results will be displayed.
  6. Take screen shots of all of the information on the Log tab and send them to us (reply to your ticket email and include the images).

    NOTE: You will need to take several screen shots (scrolling down to display all of the information)

  7. Select the XML tab, if information is present,  click inside the tab, press Ctrl+A (select all), copy the information into a reply to your ticket email.
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