Turned Down Services

The Turned Down Services tool was built to help franchisees take action with customers who turn down services. It provides detailed information on customer visits that had turned down services classified as "Yellow" and/or "Red" so that you can contact the customers, possibly scheduling these services for a future visit.

It includes actions to easily send an email to a customer and to open your store's appointment scheduling tool.

The person contacting the customer can record the customer's response or the outcome. These responses are customizable for your entity. 



In order to use the Turned Down Services tool, some setup is required. Please see Turned Down Services Setup


The Turned Down Services tool is located on the Tools menu. If you do not see this menu and/or the Turned Down Services tool then you do not have permission to access it, please contact your Management Toolbox administrator or Technical Support.

Once you access the Turned Down Services (TDS) tool you will see the familiar data selection controls. For example, you can choose one or more stores or a group of stores.


Select the stores, dates and EROC "color(s)" you want to work with, then click Load Results:


The turned down services for your selection will be loaded.

  • The background color of each invoice alternates to make it easy to identify which services belong to the customer.
  • The Contact column shows
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
  • The Vehicle ID column shows
    • Plate State
    • Plate Number
    • VIN Number
  • The Vehicle column shows
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
  • The Visit column shows
    • Mileage
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice Net Sales
  • The Service column lists the services that were turned down
  • The Actions column includes two buttons
    • Email - this opens a new email to the customer (it is disabled if no customer email address exists)
    • Open Appt - this opens a new browser page with the store's appointment link (it is disabled if no link is setup in Management Toolbox). You can add or edit appointment links on the Settings/Store Management/Store Info page.
  • The Response column includes a drop down list where you can choose the response


Once a response has been selected, click the Save button to the left of the customer's row(s) to save the response. Once a response is saved, the results will be refreshed and the invoice with a saved response will no longer appear. If an invoice response is saved in error, contact us and we can delete the response.




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