Access your SPAM Quarantine to Review and/or Release Mail

Most customers receive a SPAM Quarantine report in their email four times a day. The report shows messages quarantined in the previous six hour period. NOTE: If you are not receiving this report and would like to, please submit a request to Technical Support.

If you would like to check your quarantine right away or review all of the messages in your quarantine (and, if necessary, release them to your inbox), follow these steps:

  1. Login to using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the SPAM button:

    NOTE: If you are an administrator for your organization you will see a list of users along the left side. Select a user and then click the SPAM button. In this way you can administer your user's quarantine.
  3. The quarantined messages will be displayed and it will look similar to this:


The features include:

  • You can sort by Sender, Subject or Date. Click the column heading to sort, a second click on the same heading reverses the sort order.
  • View Email - Clicking this link will open the message in a browser in text format. It includes detailed message headers. The formatting is removed for security.
  • Release to Inbox - Clicking this link will move the message out of the quarantine and it will be delivered to your Inbox. You may need to check your Junk Mail folder in Outlook if the message does not appear.
  • Sender shows you the sender's email address. Spaces are inserted to prevent this from becoming a link to send mail.
  • Subject lists the subject of the message.
  • Date lists the date and time the message was received (Pacific time zone).
  • Reject Reason lists the reason the message was quarantined. This can be useful if it is a legitimate message. It is sometimes helpful to give this information to the sender so that they can pass it on to their administrator or hosting provider.
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