Management Toolbox Accounting Integration Setup

The following article will help you provide us with the information we need to begin configuring your Accounting Integration.

Information we need:

  • Your chart of accounts format. Typically, franchisees use an account number (e.g. 1010 for cash, 5000 for sales) and the store number (e.g. 1010-1234 or 5000-1234).
  • Coding for sales, credit card receipts, cash receipts, over/short, etc.

    In GROW there are MSR and Revenue reports. Print the reports for one store for one day and write the account numbers next to each item. We will begin to build your chart of accounts (COA) mapping from this.

    If you want to consolidate Methods of Payment (e.g. Visa, MC, etc.) into a single account just list the same account number for each MOP (Method of Payment).

    TIP: Contact your merchant services company (credit card processor). They can often setup your services to better meet your needs for entries/bank reconciliation. For example:
    • Visa/MC in a single deposit daily
    • Amex in a single deposit daily (we often see processors combining Amex from multiple days into a single deposit but most processors can change this)
    • Fees debited from your account monthly, not deducted from deposits
  • Sales category coding - we map the JLI Category Code to a "group" and then map the group to an account number. This allows us to consolidate categories into a single account (for example all "D&Rs" into one sales account). If you do not need sales broken out simply provide us the sales account number to use.

    If needed, we can provide a spreadsheet with the JLI Category Codes for your organization and you can fill in the account numbers.

In summary we need:

  • The format of your account numbers
  • MSR report with the account number listed by each MOP
  • JLI Category Codes and the Account number (plus memo text and name if using)


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