Management Toolbox: Add a New User

There are two ways to add new users to your Management Toolbox subscription. The first is through the user "self-registration" process. The second is through the Add User page.

User Self-Registration

The self-registration process allows a user to register for access on their own. Once registered, an approval email is sent to your organization's administrators including instructions on how to activate the newly registered user.

To allow a user to self-register, follow these steps:

  1. Send the user a link to the User Registration article ( This article contains instructions for the user.
  2. Once the user has completed the registration process, complete the process by following the instructions in this article:


Add a User

If you wish to add a user directly, follow these steps.

  1. Login to Management Toolbox and access the Add Users page (
    You can access the page by selecting Settings>Administration>Add Users

  2. Enter a User Name. A best practice is to use the user's email address.

  3. Enter the user's first and last names

  4. Enter the user's email address

  5. Enter a security question and answer. This is used if the user cannot login and needs to reset their password. The question and answer will be sent to user via email if the Send Welcome Email box is checked. The user can change their question and answer once they login.

  6. Assign the user a Group from the dropdown. A group is a store or a collection of stores and restricts the user to data for the store(s) in their assigned group.

    NOTE: By default a group exists for "All" stores and one group for each store individually. If you need additional groups created, please email Stores can belong to more than one group.

  7. Check the boxes for the Features the user should have access to.

    NOTE: Some features have sub-features and you can allow access at a granular level if you choose. If your organization doesn't have access to a feature (for example our Accounting integrations), they will not be listed. For a list of available features, please contact

  8. If desired, complete the additional fields (e.g. Address, phone number and comment). These are not required.

  9. Verify the Send Welcome Email box is checked.
    NOTE: If this box is not checked, the user will not receive a welcome email with their initial password or their Security Question and Answer. If you do not want to send the welcome email, you can uncheck this box however, be sure to make note of the user's security question and answer and provide this information, along with their username, to the user so they can reset their password and login.

  10. Click the Create User button to save the information and create the user.
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