Management Toolbox: Activate a New User

Once a user has registered for Management Toolbox their account needs to be activated. You can follow the steps in this article to activate the user's account.

You must be a client administrator to perform these steps.

  1. Login to Management Toolbox and access the Edit Users page (
    You can access the page by selecting Settings>Administration>Edit Users

  2. Click Edit User on the row for the user who needs activated. Inactive users will be "gray".

    NOTE: If needed you can sort the grid by clicking on one of the headings (e.g. Activated or User Name). There may also be multiple pages of users and you can navigate using the numbered links at the bottom of the grid.

  3. Assign the user a Group from the dropdown. A group is a store or a collection of stores and restricts the user to data for the store(s) in their assigned group.

    NOTE: By default a group exists for "All" stores, one for "All Groups and Stores" and one group for each store individually. If you need additional groups created, please email Stores can belong to more than one group.

    "All" gives the user the ability to access data for one or more stores but no groups.

    "All Groups and Stores" gives the user access to all stores individually and all groups that exist or any that are created in the future.

  4. Check the boxes for the Features the user should have access to.

    NOTE: Some features have sub-features and you can allow access at a granular level if you choose. If your organization doesn't have access to a feature (for example our Accounting integrations), they will not be listed. For a list of available features, please contact

  5. If desired, complete the additional fields (e.g. Address). These are not required.

  6. Check the Activated box to activate the user. If this box is not checked, the user will not be able to login. Checking this box will cause an email to be sent to the user when the update button is clicked letting them know their account has been activated.

  7. Click the Update button to save the information and activate the user.
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