Scheduling a Report

Almost any of the reports available in Management Toolbox can be scheduled on a per user basis. If you need to schedule a group of reports, please contact technical support . Report Groups are a series of reports run together and delivered by email in PDF format.

  1. Login to Management Toolbox (
  2. Select the report you want to schedule. In this example the Open / Close report is used.

  3. Click the Schedule Email button in the Generate Report section

  4. Set the report options and criteria for the report. For example, select the stores or store group, date range, format, etc.

  5. In the Email Schedule section, set the schedule for the report. For example, this example will deliver the Open/Close Report every Monday at 8AM. NOTE: Times are Pacific time.

  6. Once the report options, criteria and email schedule are set, click the Save button to save the schedule.

  7. A confirmation will appear. NOTE: Some browsers may block or hide the confirmation. In Microsoft Edge for example, an orange dot may appear in the browser tab and clicking on the tab will display the notification.

You can view and delete your scheduled reports on the My Scheduled Reports page found on the Reports menu:

For detailed instructions on deleting a scheduled report, please see this article Deleting a Scheduled Report.

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