Accessing Remote Desktop On Mac

1. Download the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the App Store

2. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app

3. Click the New button

4. Complete the form: 

  a.      Connection Name: Give the connection a name of your choice

  b.      PC name: Enter your server address here (e.g.

  c.       Gateway: If you were not provided a gateway, leave it at the default of No gateway configured. If you were provided a gateway, follow these steps:

      i.      Select Add gateway

      ii.     Gateway name: Give the gateway a name of your choice

      iii.     Server: Enter the gateway address here (e.g.

      iv.     User name: Enter your username (e.g.

      v.      Password: Enter you password here  

  d.     Username: Enter your username (e.g.                                                    

  e.     Password: Enter your password here

  f.      Resolution: Generally you will leave this as Native

  g.     Colors: Generally you will leave this as Highest Quality (32 bit)  TIP: If you are on a very slow connection you can reduce the colors to improve performance slightly

  h.     Full screen mode: Generally you will leave this as OS X native

  i.      The remaining settings (Start session in full screen, Scale content and Use all monitors) are generally left as their default but feel free to set these as you need.

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