Accessing Your Printers from a RemoteApp or Cloud Server

If your printer(s) are not listed in your RemoteApp or Cloud Server, log out of the remote server and/or close all remote applications. Then follow these steps on your local PC:

  1. Click Start
  2. Type mstsc
  3. When Remote Desktop Connection appears, click it
  4. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click Show Options

  5. Select the Local Resources tab
  6. In the Local devices and resources section
    1. Ensure Printers is checked
  7. Click OK
  8. Select the General tab
  9. Click Save (NOTE: Nothing appears when you click save and the window stays open)
  10. Close the Remote Desktop Connection window
  11. Try your RemoteApp or Remote Desktop Connection again to see if the drives now appear

Sometimes an administrator (or one of our support technicians) must log you off of your server in order for the changes above to take effect. If after following these steps the printer(s) do not appear, please contact your administrator or ask us to log you off of your server.

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