How to Add an Exchange Account to Microsoft Outlook (Desktop)


To add an Exchange E-mail account to the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

     1. Click File

     2. Click Info -> Account Settings

          a. Click Account Settings

          b. On the E-mail tab, click New

     3. Enter Details

          a. Full name

          b. Email address

          c. Password

          d. Click Next

     4. Outlook will show status with three checks, if all three steps show a green

         checkmark, click Finish (if NOT, see step 5).

          a. You may need to restart Outlook for the change to be completed.

     5. If attempt to add exchange mailbox is unsuccessful, do the following:

          a. Click Info -> Account Settings

          b. Click Account Settings

          c. On the E-mail tab, click New

          d. Click the button next to Manual setup or additional server types

          e. Click Next

          f. Click the button next to or Exchange ActiveSync

             compatible services

          g. Click Next

          h. Enter details

               I. Full name: (e.g. John Smith)

               II. E-mail Address: (e.g.

               III. Mail server:

                     1. Type:

               IV. User Name: (This will auto-populate as long as you have entered

                    your email address, if not, make sure to enter your email address.

                    Your username will be the same.)

               V. Password:

                    1. You can leave the box checked for "Remember Password"

               VI. Mail to keep offline: You can adjust this slider to set the timeframe

                    for mail to be kept in your offline storage. Once items become older

                    than the set time, they will be archived.

           I. In the pop up window, enter your password and check the box to

               "Save/remember credentials"

           j. Outlook will test log-in credentials, and if successful, mailbox will be

              added. If unsuccessful, please contact MG Tech Support at





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