Add Image to Email Signature in OWA

REQUIREMENT: The image for your signature must be located on a publicly accessible web server.

NOTE: If the image already exists on a web page (e.g. corporate logo), you can usually begin at step 6 (right-click the image on the web page and select Copy).

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste the following text into Notepad:
    <IMG height=100 width=200 src="http://YOURWEBSITE/yourimage.png"/>
  3. Edit the URL, height and width to match your image and desired size.
  4. Save the file as Signature.HTM (be sure to select All Files (*.*) as the Save as type).
  5. Open the HTM file (it should open in your browser, Edge is recommended). You should now see the image. Ensure it looks correct for your signature.
  6. Right-click the image in the browser and select Copy.
  7. On the OWA signature page, create your signature page. Where you want the image, paste (Ctrl+V).
  8. Save you signature (lower right corner of the page)


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