How to Add Multiple Users

To create multiple users at one time, follow these steps:

  1. Download the BulkUserAdd.csv template file from this article by clicking the link at the bottom of the article.
  2. Open the file and add your user information removing the sample records.

    NOTE: Be sure the password meets the minimum password complexity requirements. You can read about them on this page Alternatively, if the password field in the CSV is left blank, a password will be generated for the user automatically.

    TIP: Using Excel is the easiest way to edit, just be sure to save it as a CSV file and not an Excel file (xlsx).
    In a text editor such as Notepad it will look like this:

    In Excel it would look like this:
  3. Save the file and make note of the location as you will need it to upload the file.
  4. Login to
  5. Click the Add button on the toolbar.
  • If you are a the admin for multiple organizations select the org that the user will be created in from the organization selection drop down box just under the toolbar.
  • Click on the Multiple Users link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the Browse button, locate your file and select Open.
  • Click the Upload File button.
  • A grid is displayed, review and ensure the information is correct. If you need to make any changes, edit your file and return to step 7.
    • If passwords were automatically generated, make sure to copy them down someplace as they will not be able to be view again after the users are created.
  • Select the service and plan settings. NOTE: These will apply to all of the users created. To select different services and plans for different users you will need to complete the add multiple users once for each configuration.
  • Click the Add Users button.
  • For SharePoint users, they currently need to exist only as a user, no service configuration is required. Once created, grant the new user permission directly in your SharePoint site(s).

    For Exchange or Skype for Business users, check the service checkbox and complete any additional fields.

    For Cloud Servers, check the Cloud Services checkbox and then select the server(s) to which the user will have access.

    Depending on your organization's service subscriptions you may see available service checkboxes. If these are "greyed out" and your organization would like any of these services, please contact Technical Support.

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