Viewing Saved Passwords in Windows

Sometimes we forget one of our passwords. Before resetting it, you may have saved it in Windows and be able to see it. The combination of a username and a password in Windows is called a credential. To view your saved passwords in Windows you can follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Start button

  2. Start typing Credential Manager

  3. Click on Credential Manager when it appears

  4. In Credential Manager there are two sections, one for Web Credentials and one for Windows Credentials. Click the section you want to check.


    NOTE: Most of the time you will be looking at Web Credentials. Windows Credentials are primarily for logging in to other Windows computers such as a cloud (remote) server. The process for viewing your password is the same.

  5. Scroll through the list until you find the site you want to see the password for.

    For example, to find your Microsoft Office 365 password look for

    NOTE: You are almost always going to look for sites that start with https (vs http). These are sorted below http (unencrypted) sites.

  6. Click on the down arrow

  7. Now you can see more information about the credentials. To view your password, click Showmceclip6.png
  8. Windows will prompt you for authentication. This could be your WIndows PC password, Windows Hello (face recognition) or your PIN. Once authenticated you will see the password.

  9. When finished you can click Hide if you are going to view other passwords or close Credential Manager. Once closed all passwords will be hidden again.
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