Connecting to the Client VPN

A VPN Client service plan is required for a user to connect to the VPN. For more information contact Technical Support.



  1. Click Start and type VPN
  2. Click Change virtual private networks (VPN) in the results
  3. Click Add a VPN connection
  4. Select the following options:
    • VPN provider: Windows (built-in)
    • Connection name: MGCLD VPN
    • Server name or address:
    • VPN type: Automatic
    • Type of sign-in info: User name and password
    • User name (optional): your MGCLD user name (typically your email address)
    • Password (optional: your MGCLD password
      NOTE: If you do not enter User name and password information on this screen you will be prompted each time you connect.

  5. Click Save
  6. To connect, select the connection from the list and click Connect


    In the system tray (by the clock), click the network icon

    then select the connection from the list and click Connect



 Contact technical support.


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